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Our History



In 1889, a group of ordained deacons – Deacons L. G. Harris, G. Evans, G. A. Henderson, Jr., E. W. Harris, Elix Phillips, B. F. Sanders, L. Perry and Adams – and other members of the Social Circle community were inspired by God and led by the Holy Ghost to build another house of worship. They met in an old house on White Hall to organize a church. Minister Josh Henderson, a citizen of the community, was called as pastor.


God blessed, many came, and a larger place was needed to worship in. On April 18, 1889, Mr. George A. Jones gave permission to build a church at 236 Oak Drive, Social Circle, GA. The building was completed and called CORINTH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH. On January 10, 1893, Mr. Jones sold the land to the church.


Corinth has been blessed with powerful men of God that have served as pastors during the past 129 years. The names of the men that served as pastors are: Minister Josh Henderson (1889 – 1905), Minister J.S. Kelsey (1905 – 19--), Minister Robert Sims (19-- - 1925), Minister Mitchell Tate (1925 – 1935), Minister Walter M. Mitchell (1935 – 1952), Minister Appling (1953 – 1954), Minister Gresham (1954 – 1954), Minister B.Z. Daniel (1955 – 1972), Minister H.C. Scales (1972-1984), and our current pastor, Bishop Dr. William Davenport (1984 – present).


Bishop Dr. Davenport was called to pastor Corinth in December, 1984. When he was called to pastor, there were 5 deacons.  The deacons were: Deacons Anderson Phillips, Willie Terrell, A.B. Bolden, Willie C. Tanks, and Randall Smith.


Under Bishop Dr. Davenport’s pastorate, Corinth added 26 deacons – Deacons Ivey, Baker, Dennis, J. Phillips, B. Smith, Dorsey, Webb, Harris, Tolder, Henson, Gipson, Anderson, Morgan, Gunn, Bailey, Gotel, McGuire, Wyatt, Jackson, D. Smith, McKibben, Davenport, Robinson, Parks, Booker and Davis. Also under Bishop Dr. Davenport, 60 ministers were added over the years. Presently, there are 19 ministers at the church.


Corinth has several sons and daughters pastoring. Several sons and daughters in the ministry are assisting in other local ministries. Bishop Dr. Davenport also covers ministries in Nigeria, India, Tanzania and the Metro Atlanta Area.


The Lord gave Bishop Dr. Davenport a vision for Corinth, “To see the whole world saved, starting with the lives we encounter.” The vision is to be accomplished in three ministry areas: Soul Winning, Discipleship, and Spreading the Word of God.


In a quest to seeing the “whole world saved,” Corinth began partnering with a Liberian Missionary in 1994, an Indian Ministry in 1996, a ministry in Nigeria in 2000 and a ministry in Tanzania in 2016.


In 2005, Bishop Dr. Davenport and several members of Corinth traveled to Ibadan, Nigeria, to dedicate a new church building, “World Gospel Mission International Church.” The church was totally supported financially by members of Corinth.

In 2007, Bishop Davenport and several members of the church returned to Ibadan, Nigeria to dedicate a 21-room school named, “The City of Faith Comprehensive College", which was also financially supported by members of Corinth. Currently, Corinth is in partnership with Lighthouse World Outreach of Monroe to build an additional church in that region.

As the Lord blessed, more services and ministries were added under the leadership of Bishop Dr. William Davenport. In 1996, the Lord blessed Corinth to purchase 29 acres of land on Highway 11 (South Cherokee Road). Construction was begun on the existing sanctuary in February of 2002 and on Sunday, October 27, 2002, the first service was held at 813 South Cherokee Road. In 2014, to accommodate the growing Youth Ministry, renovation on a multi-purpose building was begun.


Without a doubt, Corinth has had a great past, but a greater future lies ahead. For one-hundred and twenty-five years, Corinth has been, and will continue to be, a lighthouse for Jesus Christ in the Social Circle and surrounding communities.

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