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Our History

Our History of Ministers

Corinth Missionary Baptist Church

2018 - History of Ministers


Corinth has been blessed to have ten (10) powerful men of God to serve as pastor during its 131 years.


They are:

  • Minister Josh Henderson

  • Minister J.S. Kelsey

  • Minister Robert Sims

  • Minister Mitchell Tate

  • Minister Walter M. Mitchell

  • Minister Appling

  • Minister Gresham

  • Minister B.Z. Daniel

  • Minister H.C. Scales

  • Bishop Dr. William Davenport (1984 - present)


Presently, Corinth has several sons and daughters serving as pastors. They are:

  • Apostle Cedric Lynch

  • Theodore (Ted) and April Braswell

  • Derrick and Barbara Malcom

  • Edwin and Tiffany Beckles


Corinth has been blessed to have the following ministers to work in the ministry under Bishop Dr. Davenport’s leadership:

  • Cheryl Anderson                              Edwin Beckles               

  • Tiffany Beckles                                 Jackie Bolden                

  • Richard Bolden                                April Braswell               

  • Theodore (Ted) Braswell                 Jesse Byrd  

  • Ruthie Byrd                                      Fred Carr

  • WoAngie Cooper                            Rosie Crowley

  • Patrick Daniels                                 Melody Dantzler

  • Constance  Davenport                    Roger Davis

  • Ruth Davis                                        John Dennis

  • Ricky Evans                                       Reginald Fambrough

  • Ricky Gibbs                                       Fran Gregory

  • Sharon Gregory                               Tommy Gregory Jr.

  • Tommy Gregory Sr.                         Carla Griffin

  • Cherri Griffin                                    Terry Griffin

  • Joseph Hardge                                Valeria Hardge

  • Mary Henderson                              Vivian Henson

  • George Hill                                       Mary Howard

  • Willie Ivey                                         Ann Jackson

  • Charter Jackson                               Broderick James

  • Arnisha Jones                                   Melvin Jones

  • Kimberly Malcom Jones                  Stephanie Jones

  • Kambeya ye Kambeya                     Yvette Knox-Pledger                       

  • Alton Lewis                                       Sandra Lewis-Anderson 

  • Apostle Lane Moubray                    Pastor Derrick Malcom

  • Terry Matthews                                 Georgia Reid

  • Annalene Robinson                         Monica Roseberry          

  • Adrian Sawyer                                  James Smith         

  • Jerome Smith                                   Katherine Smith

  • Randall Smith                                   Susie Smith

  • Deron Thomas                                 Eric Whaley

  • Keith Williams                                  Lee Wyatt                  


Bishop Dr. Davenport covers and supports the following ministers and ministries:

  • Pastor Segun Matthew (Africa – Ibadan, Nigeria)

  • Pastor G.M. Oladejo (Africa – Ibadan, Nigeria)

  • Pastor Peter Olarinde (Africa – Ibadan, Nigeria)

  • Apostle Cedric Lynch

  • Prophet San Juan Ambrose

  • Pastor Anil Nag (deceased) (India)

  • Minister Fred Osborne  (India)

  • Pastor Diane Tillman

  • Pastor Vincent Mbarkiwa (Tanzania, Africa)


Bishop Dr. Davenport has been training ministers for over 25 years. Also, ministers from local churches in the region have taken advantage of his training. The training is developed from classes Bishop Dr. Davenport took on the road to receiving his Doctorate of Pastoral Counseling.  God has truly blessed the ministry at Corinth.  Corinth should be excited about what God has planned for it in the future. Bishop Dr. Davenport developed the training courses from courses he completed at Ambassador Bible College (California), Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA), and Andersonville Theological Seminary (Camilla, GA).

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